The Best Travel Toys for Hotel Room Fun

Every vacation must include quiet time in the hotel. Whether it is planned breaks or rainy days, you should be prepared. Follow these suggestions for the best travel toys that go beyond the coloring book and offer real fun in a small space.

Things with wheels: All kids like toys with wheels. Pack some small cars, trains, and airplanes to play with in the hotel room. Create obstacle courses for the cars using items found in the hotel or hold contests to see who can get them to go the farthest. These also work well when kids need some alone time. 성남룸싸롱

Crafts: Easy origami, pipe cleaners, stickers and self contained craft kits can provide loads of fun in a room. Make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies for each craft (and avoid anything that requires baking or long drying periods).

Balloons: Burn off some extra energy by playing with balloons in the hotel room. Games like preventing the balloon from touching the floor or volleyball are great fun and will not harm the room.

Beach balls: The perfect travel accessory! They pack flat, are easy to inflate, and are soft enough to not make noise in a hotel room – plus you can play with them indoors or out. The 12 inch size works best for hotel rooms.

Novelty toys: You know these – the items in the bins near the register of every toy store. Pick up a few wind-up toys, or whatever might interest your kids. Think outside the box with these items.