Dating Women – The Beginner’s Guide to Dating Women

All guys are losers to women. This is the true fact, if you don’t know how dating women works, you are invisible to women. This beginner’s guide will give you great ideas and materials to start having success with women.

It’s true, for a woman, a guy who doesn’t know how dating women works will be considered a loser, even worse; he won’t be given a second chance.

Women are notorious for being too quick with their decisions about guys. She will spend only minutes and deliver a harsh judgment that will make most guys have horrible nightmares. This guide will make sure such thing never happen to you.

· The very first thing you have to understand about dating women is that no woman will like a weak guy.

This is the harsh reality, if you are, feel, look weak; women will never be attracted to you. What’s the way out? You have to become strong and confident with women. It’s the only thing you can do to make them attracted to you.

Confidence is not an impossible trait to acquire, you only need some practice. Whenever you are having doubts about yourself and what to do, you can start using this little technique I’ve used thousands of times to grow your confidence with women. It’s called: positive self-talk.

Most guys will put themselves down very quickly by saying stuff like:

“I’m a loser”
“I can’t attract women”

This is terrible to your self-confidence. Instead, whenever you see yourself starting to do it, change your speech to something like this:

“I’m a great guy”
“Women find me naturally attractive”

In other words, fake it until you make it. คลิปหลุด

· The second thing you must know about dating women is that women want you to be the man.

Many guys don’t seem to get this point, they think that by letting a woman choose and decide for them, she will be attracted and will consider them great. The truth is that women are naturally attracted to guys who can lead others. If you lack this ability, she will simply go look for it in another man.

It’s frustrating to women when a guy will ask them one of these questions:

“Where can I take you?”
“What do you want to talk about?”
“When can I meet you?’

These questions will sound horrible to her. Always make sure she feels you as a leader. Decide for her and never question your decisions.

· The third necessary thing to dating women is being fun.

This is nothing new, if you aren’t fun to women, you aren’t attractive to them. What do women want when dating guys? They want to be entertained and to be taken out of their boring lives. A woman would prefer a broke fun guy rather than a millionaire boring guy.